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NIBL Pragati fund NAV 


Weekly NAV

*The NAV does not include bonus shares of companies with book

closure but who have not held their AGM


Weekly NAV Archive



Weekly NAV Table   

19/May/2017 5/Jestha/2074 10.2
12/May/2017 29/Baisakh/2074 10.37
05/May/2017 22/Baisakh/2074 10.52
28/April/2017 15/Baisakh/2074 10.62
21/April/2017 8/Baisakh/2074 10.74
14/April/2017 1/Baisakh/2074 10.73
7/April/2017 25/Chaitra/2073 10.5
31/March/2017 18/Chaitra/2073 10.41
24/March/2017 11/Chaitra/2073 10.22
17/March/2017 04/Chaitra/2073 9.94
10/March/2017 27/Falgun/2073 9.9
03/March/2017 20/Falgun/2073 9.87
24/February/2017 13/Falgun/2073 9.88
17/February/2017 6/Falgun/2073 9.89
10/February/2017 28/Magh/2073 9.77
03/February/2017 21/Magh/2073 9.85
27/January/2017 14/Magh/2073 9.89
22/January/2017 09/Magh/2073 9.93



Monthly NAV

Monthly NAV Table   

13/April/2017 31/Chaitra/2073 10.74
13/Mar/2017 30/Falgun/2073 9.91
10/Feb/2017 28/Magh/2073 9.77
13/Jan/2017  29/Poush/2073 9.93


NIBL Pragati Fund - 1 NAV Reports Monthly

NIBL Pragati Fund 1 - First Certified NAV

News/Press Release

Bonus Share of SWBBL

The 34% Bonus Share of Swabalamban Bikas Bank has been listed in Nepal Stock Exchange and CDS & Clearing Ltd. For shareholders who have dematerialized their Physical Share by 2073/09/03, the bonus share has been directly transferred to their respective acc…

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