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Our team at NIBL Capital believes that the complexities of managing and achieving the varied financial goals of our clients require trusted professionals whose expertise enables them to look beyond just the finances and formulas. Our advisory team adopts a collaborative and customized process that is clearly defined by our clients’ needs and circumstances. Helping our client expand their business and solidify their financial affairs requires expertise, vigilance and sound planning for which our professional advisors are well known.

Our advisory services include,

a. Business Venture

With our Business Venture advisory services, we can guide our clients through the entire process of transiting from a business idea to building a company. NIBL Capital advisory team can help entrepreneurs and various SMEs develop and evaluate their business plan and make recommendations on how to proceed from the implementation stage to managing a fully operational company.

b. Private Equity

Our private equity service helps both retail and institutional investors make direct investment in private companies and SMEs where the invested capital can be used in making a growth capital investment, buyouts, or simply for business development. At NIBL Capital we work as partners with potential clients and remain deeply involved to make sure our investments will create a positive impact on our portfolio companies, their stakeholders, and the economies in which we operate.

c. Loan Syndication

With our loan syndication group assists companies having large funding requirements that are beyond a single lender’s financial capability and risk exposure levels. NIBL Capital’s loan syndication services provides multi-bank financing where portion of the total credit is distributed to other lenders or investor groups under negotiated terms. With expertise in both asset valuation and syndication, we can assist in fulfilling the large debt needs of our prospective clients while maintaining a prudent level of exposure.

d. Venture Capital

NIBL Capital's venture capital services aim to pool various potential venture funds from investors, investment banks and other financial institutions. This form of raising capital can benefit new companies or ventures with limited operating history or any other company having a good business potential. As a part of our venture capital services, we also seek to provide negotiation for appropriate distribution of equity, liability and responsibilities among the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist.

e. Financial Restructuring

At NIBL Capital we aim to provide financial restructuring for companies by planning, implementing and delivering an appropriate financial model which helps create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. Our restructuring approach involves providing insight into the financial and commercial position of the company, its prospective viability and the range of restructuring options available. We ensure our client’s corporate assets and liabilities remain competitive, and pave sturdy path towards recovery.

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