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Merchant Banking Service

a. Issue & Sales Management

At NIBL Capital we offer a full range of Issue and Sales Management services for companies that are planning to raise equity and/or debt capital through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), Right Issue, and other securities. We assist the client companies in making key decisions such as determining the face value, price band, issue size, issue type, and offering time while consistently working to enhance the marketability of the shares offered.

b. Securities Underwriting

Our underwriting service assists our client companies by providing payment guarantee for the issued securities (both debt and equity) regardless of the price at which the security eventually sells in the market. As an underwriter, NIBL Capital bears the risk and responsibility of selling the allotted securities and provides commitment to purchase the securities in case of under subscription. As an underwriter, we are also committed in ensuring that securities not only sell at a fair price but also maintain a stable and liquid aftermarket for trading.

c. Registration Services

NIBL Capital registration services include composite portfolio maintenance, registration, verification and direct customer dealing & interaction. Our registration services help keep track of your company’s shareholders/debenture holders/bond holders, providing in-depth, accurate and customized shareholder analysis that help you make strategic decisions regarding investors and target investor communication. As a part of our Registration Services we provide your company with the following benefits,

  • Custody of undelivered certificates and dividend warrants
  • Maintenance and verification of specimen signatures of shareholders
  • Registration of transfer and transmission of shares
  • Payment of dividends and bonus share issuance
  • Custody service for debenture and regular interest payments
  • Providing company information for future ownership
  • Share ownership information management system
  • Signature Guarantees for ownership and endorser verification


Share Registrar Service List

  • Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
  • Gurkha's Finance Ltd.
  • Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • NIBL Samriddhi Fund 1
  • Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd.
  • Mt. Makalu Development Bank Ltd.
  • Sindhu Bikash Bank Ltd.
  • Salt Trading Corporation
  • Seti Finance Ltd.
  • Barun Hydropower Co. Ltd.
  • Deva Bikash Bank Ltd.
  • Hamro Bikash Bank Ltd.
  • Vijaya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.
  • Muktinath Bikash Bank Ltd.
  • Rastriya Beema Company Ltd.
  • Pokhara Finance Ltd.
  • Goodwill Finance Ltd.
  • Shangri-la Development Bank Ltd.
  • Oriental Hotels Ltd.
  • Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd.
  • Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd.
  • Asian Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Green Development Bank Ltd.
  • National Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.
  • RSDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.
  • Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd
  • NIBL Pragati Fund
  • Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd
  • Samata Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd
  • Om Development Bank Ltd



Merchant Banking Activities

  • Mega Bank Nepal Ltd., IPO (Rs69.90 Crore)
  • Nepal Investment Baok Ltd. - Debenture (Rs.50.00 Crore)
  • Api Power Company Ltd. - Local Issue (Rs.10.00 Crore)
  • NIBL Samriddhi Fund - I (Rs.100.00 Crore)
  • Shikhar Insuraace Co. Ltd - Rights Issue (Rs.8.75 Crore)
  • Sajha Bikash Bank Ltd. - IPO (Rs.4.90 Crore)
  • Api Power Company Ltd. - IPO (Rs.30 Crore)
  • Kathmandu Finance Ltd. - Right Issue (Rs.18.00 Crore)
  • Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. - FPO (Approx. Rs.30.00 Crore)
  • Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (FPO) - Coordinarion of pre and post issue management Services. (FPO, Approx. 5.45 Arab)
  • Nepal Community Developmenr Baok Ltd.- Righrs Issue (Rs10.00 Crore)
  • Ngadi Group Power Ltd.- IPO (Approx.Rs.9.73 Crore)
  • Green Development Bank Ltd. , IPO (R.s.4.50 Crore)
  • National Microfinance Bitiya Sanstha Ltd. - IPO (Rs.3.00 Crore)
  • RSDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha ltd IPO (Rs.4.00 Crore)
  • Sindhu Bikash Bank Ltd. - Rights Issue ( Approx.Rs.12.00Crore)
  • Mt. Makalu Development Bank Ltd. Right Issue (Approx. 3.90 Crore)
  • Guheshowri Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.-Rights Issue Approx.Rs.14.00 Crore
  • Muktinath bikash bank ltd. - rights Issue (Approx. Rs.42.00 Crore
  • Seti Finance Ltd. – rights Issue (Approx. Rs.9.50 Crore)

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