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Whether our clients require just one aspect of their financial life evaluated or a complete comprehensive plan, NIBL Capital will guide our clients in all their financial planning needs offering comprehensive and risk weighted solutions. At NIBL Capital we understand that everyone has different financial needs and we can help evaluate your goals and provide a financial plan that is tailored specifically for our clients.


  • Discretionary

    Under discretionary management, the portfolio manager will individually and independently manage the funds of each client in accordance with the needs of the client. The clients set the overall direction and goals for the account and their portfolio manager will execute that strategy by picking individual investments they believe will help you meet your objectives within the appropriate amount of risk. With a discretionary account, we will not typically seek clients’ permission to buy or sell a particular security. Instead they will see the investment choices we have made on their behalf, and monitor how those investments are faring, on their monthly account statement and in periodic performance reports. Discretionary accounts work best for investors who do not want to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of their investments and who want to rely on a professional manager design a portfolio to meet their financial objectives.

  • Non- Discretionary

    Under a non-discretionary management, the portfolio manager manages the funds in accordance with the expressed direction of the client. With a non-discretionary account, the portfolio manager will still offer professional advice in connection with the transactions the clients will execute and may make some investment recommendations. However, the portfolio manager is not authorized to buy or sell securities for your account without your prior approval. This type of arrangement is best suited for investors who want to maintain a greater control over their investments, but still want the benefits of professional guidance. If you have a keen, active interest in financial markets and would prefer to be contacted with investment recommendations from our portfolio management team, a non-discretionary approach to managing your investments might be the right choice for you.



Portfolio Management Service Products

NIBL Capital Market’s Portfolio Management Service provides a comprehensive and wide range of services to a diverse prospective client base from financial institutions and business to individuals with their unique needs. NIBL Capital’s strategic approach to delivering its service commitment involves taking a five step approach – Discovery, Customization, Implementation, Management, and Growth.

Many Nepalese have enormous saving potential, but are deterred from investing in the capital market due to lack of proper financial information, perceived risk of the stock market, and lack of expert guidance. Also, investors do not trade as frequently, as the process is burdensome, and managing their investment by themselves is a hassle.  Even though investors may want to trade frequently, the entire process of keeping track of their investment, knowing when to buy and when to sell, interpreting financial and economic information is time consuming, and without enough knowledge, will not provide the desired results.

The Portfolio Management Service of NIBL Capital creates an organized portfolio based on the client’s needs and provides expert guidance based on thorough market research and market opportunities.
Also, investors who do invest often fail to collect dividends and bonus shares, and fail to attain right shares. NIBL Capital’s Portfolio Management Service can solve such problems for investors and help them reap all benefits provided by their investments.

Portfolio Management Service Products:

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