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Founding Chairman's Message

Dear All,

It gives immense pleasure to lead NIBL Capital Markets, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited, since its inception in 2011. I believe our company has served the nation and people by providing key financial services required in capital markets and has played integral role in development of Nepalese Capital Market. As Nepal continues to grow and develop its economy, it is upon us to serve with an added mix of sophisticated and innovative financial tools.

I am proud to acknowledge that we have been upholding highest standards of corporate governance and will continue to do so whereby our management processes, structures and policies ensure client value creation, stewardship, integrity, and innovation. As we work to serve our customers, clients, and communities, we understand that success is only meaningful when it is achieved the right way, and with the right values. Our commitment to this principle has been the key to sustaining public trust and confidence in our company, which is integral to our long-term success.

We assure our shareholders, investors and clients that NIBL Capital will continue to take a proactive and a lead role in providing tailor made investment banking services. With its strength of professional expertise, talent, a strong capital base, and a sturdy long term vision, NIBL capital aims to serve as an agent of change in achieving our common goal of economic growth and prosperity.

I would like to thank all our Clients, partners, government agencies and regulatory authorities for their positive support, which has not ceased to date, and the management and staff for the contribution they have made towards this company. The years to come will no doubt be full of new challenges, challenges that will require partnerships with the private, public and government sector, challenges that will demand flexibility, innovation and leadership. As the company achieves more feat, allow us to help you benefit from our exceptional services.

Come, grow with us! Benefit from us!

Jyoti Prakash Pandey
Founding Chairman

News/Press Release

Allotment of Pokhara Finance (FPO)

NIBL Capital Markets Ltd concluded allotment of Further Public Offering of Pokhara Finance Ltd.

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